What does Knupperpouf mean?
Knupperpouf (knupper as in upper, pouf as in roof) is a fantasy word with a nice sound. Well, it's just a funny name.

Is Knupperpouf also going to appear on stage?
Yes, at the moment Nicolette is practising with a live band. More info later.

Why are the songs in Dutch?
The words came of themselves! After all, Dutch is Nicolette's mother tongue. By the way: there's already one Knupperpouf song in English. More may follow!

What has been released on cd so far?
Three EPs have been released: “Knupperpouf” (4 tracks) in 2010 and “ A Tale of 4 Cities”(5 tracks) in March 2011 and "Go Yeah!" in 2012.  All tracks can be downloaded via Bandcamp, free of charge.

When did Knupperpouf start?
Knupperpouf started in 2009, when Nicolette was asked to compose the music for a children's book: “My Favourite Children's Songs”, published by Kids Marketeers. While she was working quite intensely on the book in her studio, a number of songs she'd made some time ago popped up again.

Who is Nicolette?
Nicolette has played the drums since she was 13 and still plays in various bands. To name a few: Action Park, Cassidy, Board of Directors and Julia P. Hersheimer. She graduated as improvising musician/drums at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Nicolette works as a drum teacher in Amsterdam and Hilversum.

Who is the vocalist Marloes Vermeulen?
During the nineties Marloes Vermeulen became known as Julia P. Hersheimer. Nicolette played the drums in her band. JPH performed on the stage at Lowlands and Noorderslag and was supporting act at concerts of Oasis and Suede.
In later years Marloes went on solo, as Julia P.  She released 5 albums on different labels.
What other musicians did participate?
On “A Tale of 4 Cities”Arjan van der Boom plays the cello en Jeroen Pelgrom (of Action Park) does the vocals.

Go Yeah!  EP 2012

a tale of 4 cities EP 2011

Knupperpouf EP 2010